>> Merry Christmas and a happy New Year


Dear Sir or Madam,


slowly but for sure we arrive at the end of the year. Take a deep breath, please! Lean back, close your eyes and think of bright lights, pine scent, festive tables, a good wine, cozy sociability and bright children's eyes.


Before we start the next busy year, we want to pause for Christmas and “between the years” and spend precious time with our families.

Take advantage of the thoughtful time to relax, breathe deeply and just be happy!


We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy New year!




 is full of shiny

 things, that sparkle,

gleam and glow; These

 holiday pleasures dazzle us,
and yet, deep down, we know…
That Christmas has its special gifts,
but our year-round joy depends on the cherished people in our lives, our family and

our friends. Merry Christmas

and a happy New Year!




Your team of ABC IT