The newsletter of ABC IT GmbH is structured differently. No longer only related to the product. More informative and no longer distanced from current issues, including automation. Always a little own.



Green we cannot! The basic colour in our logo is still red and we will keep it that way. However the products are more than green. Plastic, only if necessary. A throw-away product, no sign of it! Artificial intelligence, no, that`s not an option! Our products are characterized by functional and sustainable intelligence, embedded in the topic of retrofit. CO2 is a concern to us. For 20 years we have been upgrading old equipment; economically and ecologically.


By the way, 30 years ago I wrote my diploma thesis (For younger readers: This is something like a master with only four optional subjects) with the title “Use of artificial intelligence in communications systems”. Yes, it was exactly 1989. I can still remember wonderful six months in Munich.

I come to the subject of artificial intelligence because a few days ago I noticed an advertisement in a trade journal of the automation industry. "AI Inside". Not exactly the wording, but a reflection of despair. Oh, yeah, there was something. Industry 4.0, no longer a money-spinner? Artificial intelligence, an affront to all our human intelligence!


In the last few months we haven’t sent out any newsletters, we were too busy and partly lost in large plant structures that need to be modernised. Our  Global Data Xchange (GDX) helps us to modernize intelligently.


But now enough of the confusion, which is certainly also due to summer time, up to the hard facts of our ABC X-CPU-3 c57. The small 'c' stands for compact. So a compact controller for all industrial applications. Preferably this controller speaks the languages Siemens STEP5, STEP7, is to be incorporated under Siemens TIA as CPU416 and is integrated into the control system structure of PCS7 from Siemens. A controller with which you can modernize

CO2- reducing and additionally follow the lifestyle of the modern age.


If you have not yet purchased an AI system to modernize your plant, which advises you and points out possible solutions, but ultimately refers to ABC IT as a solution provider, you can also contact us directly.

We will be happy to advise you comprehensively!


The ABC X-CPU-3 c57 is full of functional intelligence. Four separate Gigabit Ethernet ports communicate both homogeneously and heterogeneously. They always form an end point and are therefore IT security safe.


Up to four master systems can be accommodated on the c57. The type of master is determined flexibly depending on the application.


Programming takes place in the automation languages from Siemens. And for those who don’t know it better, we promise you four languages on one hardware and also combined.


By the way, there is only one c57 hardware anyway and therefore only one spare part. Sophisticated warehousing!

And then there’s our  Global Data Xchange (GDX). Simply brilliant!



Further information can be found at or just call or contact us via WhatsApp at +49 911 394800 0!


Kind regards from Nuremberg,


The team of ABC IT GmbH