>> Everything under control with the new ABC IO-CMA


Dear Sir or Madam,


we’re proud to present a new product in our assortment soon:  



Features & Benefits:


•                    compact design

•                    easy installation with Plug & Play

•                    compatible with ABC IT products

•                    ATmega2560 from Atmel @ 16MHz |

100% Arduino compatible

•                    6x digital inputs (2x interrupt) |

8x digital outputs – 2A (PWM)

•                    12x analog inputs 0-24V |

2x analog inputs 0-10V |

•                    2x analog outputs – 0-10V (0-20mA)


Our new innovative periphery is used for data acquisition and monitoring. The field of application is freely selectable, no matter whether in energy and building management, production data acquisition or telecontrol. ABC IO-CMA collects sensor data and forwards it via Ethernet. To communicate with the ABC IO-CMA, you don't even need a PC because of   the corresponding software ABC IO-Manager. A laptop, a tablet or simply a mobile phone is enough because the software works on Android, iOS and Windows. As an example, we are looking at the power consumption of a company that can be measured with the help of the newly developed peripherals. The power consumption is made visible by means of a curve diagram and can then be analysed and optimised by means of a database of long-term recordings. The Auto-Detect mechanism of the APP ensures easy handling. A parameterization of the ABC IO-CMA is fortunately not necessary. It is completely flexible in its structure. Up to 24 digital and analog signals are available in total. Thanks to Plug & Play, the installation of the compact "Guardian" is very simple: Assign switches, connect the network cable and get started.


To be able to present the product with all its functions and application possibilities, please visit us at this year's SPS fair from November 26th to 28th 2019 in Nuremberg, as usual in hall 7, booth 119. If you need visitor vouchers, please send us a short e-mail to info@abcit.eu.


Further information about us and our products can be found at www.abcit.eu.

Please call us or contact us via WhatsApp at +49 911 394800 0.


Kind regards from Nuremberg,

The team of ABC IT GmbH