ABC X-CPU-2/6 e57- the compact CPU solution after detachment of the Simatic S5-rack


The ABC X-CPU-2 e57 is a stand-alone PLC-System and consists of an ABC X-CPU-2 or 6 m57, a case e57 and is powered by a 24V input voltage. After detachment of the complete periphery of your S5 system by the ABC X-CPU-2 or 6 m57, you now have the opportunity in a final stage of your modernization to remove your S5 rack with the help of the case e57. You simply take the m57 out of the S5-rack and you easily get rid of your S5 system. You still don`t have an ABC X-CPU-6 m57? Please have a look here for your information.


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ABC X-CPU-2 e57 case

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